Pam High Yield Canola Spray

  • SKU: 64144-07263
  • Added soy lecithin for maximum non-stick performance.
  • Applications: Sautéing, stir-fry

Pam Sauté & Grill Spray

  • SKU: 64144-63111
  • Specially formulated water/canola blend.
  • Applications: Sautéing, grilling, waffle griddles

Pam Grilling Spray – No Soy

  • SKU: 64144-32276
  • Non-stick performance with no soy lecithin added, specially formulated for high heat applications. Trusted non-stick performance that helps the allergen concerns of today's patrons
  • Sautéing, grilling, waffle griddles

Pam High Heat Baking Spray

  • SKU: 64144-07264
  • A special blend of soybean and canola oils that provides no-stick performance, without browning or gumming, during high heat baking.
  • Applications: Baking

Pam Buttercoat Spray

  • SKU: 64144-07267
  • Formulated from pure canola oil with a rich, clean, buttery flavoring added.
  • Applications: Grilling, sautéing, pizza crusts

Pam Olive Oil Spray

  • SKU: 64144-32275
  • Non-stick performance with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No fat, calories or sodium. Less expensive per portion than traditional olive oil.
  • Applications: Oven Roasting, Sautéing, Seasoning, Baking

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