Ice Cream Toppings and Beverage Syrups

Top off your ice cream and beverage offerings with patron favorites from ConAgra Foodservice — and let the profitability sweeten the deal.

J. Hungerford Smith®


Jubilee toppings and syrups are an economical choice that doesn't sacrifice taste, appearance or draping. Jubilee products are versatile and can be used in a variety of dessert applications from ice cream sundaes to shakes, malts and more.

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Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss®

Made with a premium blend of rich European cocoas and fresh milk and with no artificial sweeteners, Swiss Miss delivers more wholesome, decadent chocolate flavor than any other brand. It's available in a variety of versatile packaging options, including single-serve packets, canisters and dispensers. Simply add hot water — no milk required — and see profits increase with each cup.

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Reddi Wip

Reddi Wip®

Your customers know and love Reddi Wip. For just pennies per serving, you can add Reddi Wip to your menu and watch your profits increase!

With its patented aerosol nozzle, Reddi Wip helps turn standard desserts and sweet dishes into spectacular presentations quickly and easily.

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