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Differentiate Your Menu with Orville Redenbacher's®, Vogel®, and ACT II®

Maximize Your Profits and Increase Your Bottom Line

With popcorn you can increase your profit margins, add variety and differentiate your menu with minimal labor, complexity and food cost. Whether it is served plain, salted, buttered, uniquely flavored or even turned into a decadent appetizer, the versatility and appeal of popcorn is endless. Americans love popcorn and consume over 16 billion quarts of it every year1. As snack occasions continue to grow, popcorn is popping up on menus across segments.

What's Your Profit Potential?

With profit margins exceeding 90%, popcorn can help you increase your bottom line. Enter in a suggested menu price in the space below to calculate your potential profit per serving based on approximate food costs*.

Calculate Your Popcorn Profit Potential!

Menu Price †
Orville Redenbacher's All In One**
Additional Toppings for Customization*
Profit Per 4-Cup Serving*
Profit Per Case*
% profit!
† Based on average menu price for 4-cup serving.
** Includes 10% distributor markup. Estimated food costs assume use of Orville Redenbacher
   All in One 36/8oz. with 162 - 32oz. servings per case.
* Includes 10% distributor markup. Estimated costs vary based on ingredients and supplier.

Menu Price for 32oz. Serving* $

Make Your Menu Pop!

Find new ways to add popcorn to your menu with a variety of recipes featuring Orville Redenbacher's, Act II and Vogel.

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1 NPD Eating Patterns In America 2008.